KORG C1 digital piano

C1 Digital Piano - White

Digital recreation of a true grand piano experience

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With KORG’s unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology, the C1 offers levels of playability and versatility that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding pianist. From the very first note, the depth and clarity of sound that the C1 delivers from its compact, slim-line cabinet will astound both player and audience alike. The precisely-engineered keyboard provides a feel and response that has been designed to help the student develop a sound playing technique while responding fully to the demands of the more advanced player.

First and foremost, the KORG C1 is a superb piano, both as an exciting alternative to an acoustic instrument or in locations where a traditional instrument could not be used. It never needs tuning and can be used with headphones to avoid disturbing others.

Furthermore, a variety of additional features will inspire new levels of creativity in players of all abilities and enhance their enjoyment of music, including 30 superbly realistic instrument sounds. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the KORG C1 redefines the digital piano.

● A choice of acoustic piano sounds
● Digital recreation of true grand piano resonance
● RH3 keyboard accurately simulates acoustic piano touch and response
● Thirty high-quality voices
● Newly developed amplification and speaker system
● Contemporary design cabinet available in 3 color options
● The Stereo sound optimizer that gives presence to the sound when the headphones are used.

Color: White


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C1 Digital Piano - White KORG USA Official Store

RH3 keyboard provides a great-feeling playing experience

The KORG C1 digital piano features a Real Weighted Hammer Action (RH3) keyboard that divides the hammers into four different weights, with a heavier feel in the low register and a lighter feel in the high register as found on concert grand pianos. The entire process of making the C1, from making this keyboard to assembling the complete instrument, is carried out in Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi, located in the Nantan region at the center of Kyoto in Japan.

C1 Digital Piano - White KORG USA Official Store

Sophisticated and elegant design

While paying homage to the acoustic piano’s traditional form, a new design philosophy elevates the C1 above the bland, rectangular appearance of many digital pianos. The contemporary design features linear legs which accentuate the overall styling of the instrument and, at only 26 cm (10.24")* in depth, the C1 can be placed virtually anywhere. Keeping safety in mind, the cover uses a soft landing mechanism to ensure that it closes gently. The C1 is available in a black, white or brown wood finish to match the décor of your room. (*Excluding the anti-tip hardware)

Tradition and technology in harmony create a concert grand piano virtually anywhere

The sound of a piano changes significantly depending on how it is played. In order to provide this high level of expressive power from a digital piano, two concert grand pianos were selected by professional pianists, regulated and tuned by master technicians and sampled by KORG engineers. This complex process enables the C1 to simulate the experience of playing either a German grand or a Japanese grand, and were chosen to reflect a broad musical spectrum providing faithful recreations of dark, subtle and intense classical music through to bright and powerful jazz and pop music. The C1 gives you natural and satisfying grand piano performance at home, on stage or in the studio.

Enjoy 30 high-quality sounds and studio effects

The C1 digital piano offers two rich and powerful acoustic piano sounds: the German Grand and the Japanese Grand. It also has a variety of other sounds, including electric pianos, organs, clavs, vibraphones, acoustic guitars, and strings. In addition, the C1 has three high-quality effects: brilliance, reverb, and chorus. Optimal effects are preset for each of the built-in sounds, so you can start playing right away with the ideal settings.

C1 | Digital Piano

Heritage Series Digital Piano

The C1 was designed to create natural sounds and offer pianists a genuine acoustic piano touch in a digital format. Its weighted hammer action mimics the feel of a real piano, with keys getting heavier in the lower range and lighter as you move up. Fast repeated notes are captured accurately with precise speed, conveying your playing dynamics even in complex sections. The instrument also lets you adjust key sensitivity across five levels for better musical control. It comes with two concert-style pedals, including half-pedaling for artistic finesse.