KAOSS Replay

Dynamic Effects & Sampler

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KAOSS Replay is a versatile performance tool with KAOSS Pad, advanced sample playback, and 128 FX. It simplifies live performances with 16 pads, BPM detection, and a 5-inch touchscreen. This allows KAOSS Replay to function as a portable DJ rig, MIDI controller, and even a USB audio interface in the studio or while live streaming.


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Unparalleled KAOSS Pad and Effects

The KAOSS Replay features a huge 5-inch full-color OLED capacitive touch screen with a variety of features, including the KAOSS XY pad for intuitive control over a wide range of newly developed effects, from classic filters and delays to more experimental modulation effects, loopers, synth effects, new vocal effects, and vocoders.

Expanded Sample Playback and Sampling Capabilities

The KAOSS Replay has 128 sample slots and 100 project slots, giving you plenty of room to store and playback your samples. You can also record and edit samples directly on the unit, making it easy to create your own custom sounds.

Intuitive and Precise DJ Controls

The KAOSS Replay has everything you need to DJ like a pro, including dual faders, crossfader, BPM detection, sync, quantization, and monitoring. It's also ultra-portable, eliminating the need for external gear.

Live Streaming Made Easy

With integrated Audio Interface, dedicated MIC IN, and powerful vocal effects, KAOSS Replay simplifies live streaming, making it an ideal choice for content creators and streamers.

KAOSS Replay | Dynamic Effects & Sampler

The KAOSS Replay is the latest and greatest in the critically acclaimed KAOSS series of performance tools. It's a self-contained unit that offers everything you need to create electrifying live performances, including:

  • Stand-alone functionality with a sleek, portable design.
  • 128 unique KAOSS FX for creative control.
  • Advanced sample playback and sampling capabilities.
  • User-friendly 5-inch full-color OLED touchscreen.
  • Simplified sample editing and manipulation.
  • Ultimate portable DJ rig with beat-matching, hot cues, and KAOSS FX.
  • MIDI controller and USB audio interface for studio use.
  • Seamless live streaming capabilities with a dedicated MIC IN.