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SoundLink MW-1608BK 16-channel Hybrid Mixer - Black

Powerful digital processing for up to 10 effects at a time

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The Korg SoundLink 1608BK Mixer offers a never-before-seen combination of top-quality analog and digital together in a hybrid mixer that's built for incredibly powerful and intuitive live mixing. It offers 16 mixer channels with true 8-bus configuration and flexible multi-effects, making for the most powerful mixer this size.

    Color: Black


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    Designed in conjunction with mixer design legends Greg Mackie and Peter Watts. SoundLink mixers just look like conventional 16 and 24-channel mixers

    Use a SoundLink and you discover all the typical Greg Mackie features and ideas that make you think "why don't other mixers have that?”; hear your first live mix and discover why Peter Watts helped design legendary Trident consoles and then hundreds of high-end studio processors and preamps. Besides designing mixers, Greg Mackie has been mixing on them for over 40 years. Let’s just say, he’s picked up a few ideas over that time. Many of which are incorporated into SoundLink.

    New HiVolt microphone preamps actually deliver on the usual “low noise, high headroom” mixer claim

    When you listen to the “White Album,” Rhianna’s “Rated R” and “Loud”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and literally hundreds of other familiar albums, you’re listening to the legendary Trident mixing console sound. Peter Watts had an important role in Trident technology; he brings the same rich, warm preamp, EQ and dynamics quality to the products he designs today. HiVolt mic preamps give you the most headroom of any comparably-priced analog or digital mixer (16.5V internal voltage, even on stereo channels where other mixers skimp). They sound warm and musical.

    SoundLink MW-1608 16-channel Hybrid Mixer KORG USA Official Store

    Not just effects. KORG effects

    Instead of a generic digital effects processor chip, SoundLink mixers use a high-quality proprietary Korg custom chip that builds on all of Korg’s multi-decade expertise: twenty four ultra-realistic digital effects. For example, all six reverb effects include an alternate “WARM” version – a touch veteran Korg users will tell you is very useful. Parameters of all effects can be tweaked, saved and recalled, and activated by an optional footswitch. Plus, you get test tone generators for use with the built-in 24-band Spectrum Analyzer that’s another SoundLink exclusive in a mixer in this price range.

    SoundLink MW-1608 16-channel Hybrid Mixer KORG USA Official Store

    Rack-mount studio-grade DSP you can reach easily

    Digital processing and effects are frustrating if they’re buried in some long, scrolling menu inside a menu. For EQ and other control features, and a row of individual L/R, AUX 1 and Aux 2 assign buttons for both Equalization and Dynamics makes mixing easier. SoundLink’s Limiter, Compressor, Noise Gate are both effective without being harsh or exaggerated. Each has tweakable, recallable parameters. Coupled with a 31-band Spectrum Analyzer, our super-practical 31-band/9-band ParaGraphic EQ solves acoustical problems other small mixers can’t handle.

    A mixer should not only sound good. It should be very easy to use.

    Korg has collaborated with the legendary mixer design team of Greg Mackie and Peter Watts to create hybrid/analog mixing consoles that make creative mixing easy. Both the 24- and 16-channel models give you instant analog control for live mixing with stunning sound quality and more musician-friendly features than the competition — paired with the power of high-quality digital where it counts.

    The massively powerful processing allows for running up to 10 effects at a time for total mixing control. Korg's amazing 32-bit effects and signal processing combine with the premium analog mixer components and design for a truly flexible hybrid analog and digital mixer. The 16 channels and 8-bus system make the SoundLink 1608BK the most versatile mixer its size.

    • 16 channel hybrid analog/digital mixer
    • Powerful digital processing for up to 10 effects at a time
    • Korg's renowned high-quality 32 bit effects, as found in Kronos
    • True 8-bus configuration with group outputs
    • Premium analog components and design
    • Designed with Greg Mackie and Peter Watts